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NHS Training & Instructional Videos

We use our script writing skills in collaboration with experts from the NHS to write scripts for training and instructional videos.
We have created videos for Qi Training, Falls training, Manual Handling training, Spinal Injury Centre walkthrough and outpatients transformation information videos.

We can tailor the videos to your Trusts branding and add specific information to the standard scripts to offer you a bespoke package at affordable prices.

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We create videos that are fun and interesting. There's no point creating a video that no one is going to watch. That's why we take the time to craft the script in such a way that we say the necessary things we need to, but we don't talk about stuff that's not necessary.

Qi Introduction Video

Bucks healthcare Trust needed a video to help introduce the trust to the concept of Quality Improvement, so we created an 8 minute intro video be used as part of the QI induction and training material.

Preview video

Qi Promo video

We created a Qi promo video for use on Twitter and other social media channels to promote the excellent work of the Qi team as they use Qi principles to help the hospital to provide a better service for their patients.

Preview video

NSIC walkthrough

The national spinal injuries centre in Stoke Mandeville, home of paralymipics, needed to create a video to show the layout and facilities of the centre. We created this video from the perspective of a person in a wheelchair so that patients could visit the centre virtually.

Preview video
Becci standing, manual handling lead standing in front of a green screen backdrop

Manual Handling

The manual handling team at BHT need to create a video to describe the 3 Emergency techniques used to assist a patient. We created this video to be used in their on-line training.

Preview video

Falls Film

The hospital had made a video about preventing falls within the hospital, but it was made on someone's phone, so the quality wasn't great, but the content was good. So we transcribed the script, reworded it and made a better version.

Preview video

NSIC Bowel and Bladder Study Day

The Bowel and Bladder specialist nurses need to present information to referring hospitals on Bowel and bladder management after a spinal cord injury. We live streamed the event and recorded it too.

No Edited Video
Steve Cyster, director of 28 Bells, headshot in front of green background

Outpatients Transformation

Within outpatient transformation, there was a need to adequately describe what each of the elements is about. We scripted 6 videos, OP Introduction, Partial Booking, PIFU, Digital Patient Portal, RPA & Virtual Consultations.
If you want videos like this for your trust, please reach out.

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Agile Working Video

When the new Innovation centre at Stoke Mandeville was setup and people were allowed to move in a video was created to explain how agile working can help with work flexibility and collaboration.

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NSIC Study Day

In April 2022, we filmed the full day of lectures for the National Spinal Injury Centre. Videos were record in the Floyd lecture theatre and streamed to sites around the South East.

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